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Thanks to the popularity of apps like Periscope and Meerkat, Facebook is testing a live streaming video function. It’s called “Live Video,” and as of now it is only available to a small percentage of iPhone users in the US. But Facebook Live Video has the potential to grow and could be a feature you can successfully leverage to attract new customers to your business.

Facebook Live Video

Facebook users who have the Live Video option will see a Live Video icon when they hit “Update Status” on their own Facebook pages. While their video is live, they’ll be able to see which friends or followers are watching, and they will also be able to view comments in real time. When their live broadcast is over, the video will be available on their Timeline like any other uploaded video.

How your business can use Facebook Live Video

Live Video may not be available to you yet, but it is never too early to start planning how you can leverage this new tool to your advantage. Here are just a few ideas for you to consider.

Live stream events

When your customers can’t come to your events, Live Video will allow you to bring your events to them. Since Live Video will let you archive the video on your Facebook page, your customers can come back and watch it at their convenience if they aren’t able to attend it when it’s happening. But you may want to consider giving a special incentive to those who do attend live, like a discount code or a product giveaway.

Q and A sessions

Because Live Video lets users comment on videos as they are being broadcast, you can do question and answer sessions with your page followers. Being able to interact with your customers by name on a live video can have a big impact. Surveys show that more than three quarters of people feel more connected to brands that send them personalized messages. This could also be a great way to get a feel for what problems your customers have, and what kinds of solutions they’re looking for from you.

Product or service launches

If you’re ready to make a big splash with a new product or service, consider scheduling your launch on a Live Video. You’ll have the opportunity to engage the followers you already have, and if you use your website and email newsletter to direct people to your upcoming launch, you should be able to increase your Facebook follower count.

Need more Live Video ideas?

How can your business best use Facebook Live Video? Contact us to come up with a specific plan to reach and increase your audience. We mix disruptive technology with big data to enhance social media campaigns and produce return on investment. And it works.