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The majority of customers judge the credibility of your company based on your website. What’s totally functional one year might be completely outdated the next (remember Facebook Fan pages?). Over three years, then, you will certainly need a website redesign, especially since users have come to expect more and more responsiveness and speed.

To decide whether you need to redesign your website, consider a few of these markers of an outdated website.

A website redesign may be the key to unlocking more organic web traffic. Here’s why.

First, is your website responsive?

In this day and age, people don’t just look at their laptops for information anymore. Instead, 20% of Google searches and nearly half of local searches are performed on mobile devices. Your website should transfer easily to lots of different platforms. So, if your website isn’t functional on computers, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, it’s time for a redesign.

Next, you need to consider your personal branding.

Perhaps your company branding and colors have been updated. You can’t just change those features in your business, but leave your website the same. Website design should demonstrate continuity from your other marketing materials. Additionally, if you offer new products and services, your website should reflect those changes.

Third, you want to think about whether or not search engines are finding your website.

If commonly-used websites like Google and Bing don’t find your website very quickly, you need to make SEO changes. There are two ways to improve your website’s SEO: find a web developer to improve your coding elements, and consistently add fresh content that uses popular key words and phrases to your website.

What about the bounce rate?

Finally – and perhaps most importantly – you need to consider your bounce rate. Even if your website is attracting customers, they’re not increasing your ROI if they aren’t converts. Consider monitoring your bounce rate by using software like Google Analytics to see how many people land on your homepage and then navigate away from it. If you find that users make it to your homepage, but then don’t go any further, first look at problems with your homepage. Is it outdated? Does it take too long to load? Whatever the reason, you need to redesign your homepage to attract customers, hopefully for life.

If you’re ready for a complete website redesign, SPM Strategies works with you to give you the updated features you need to compete in the saturated media landscape of today. From responsive website design to custom audience targeting, SPM Strategies will test and optimize your website until you’re happy with each one of its features.