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Audit is never a word companies want to hear, but when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), an audit is a good thing.

SEO is a strategy that helps your website rise in search engine results, and it’s based on the principle that your website content should mention frequently searched keywords and phrases. So, a regular SEO audit can make sure that you’re prioritizing the right — and the most current — SEO-optimized elements of your website. To decide if an SEO audit is right for you, read on to learn more about its benefits.

Does my website need a SEO Audit?

First, search engine optimization is always changing. Algorithms are constantly being tweaked to make users’ searches more productive. That means that what worked for SEO last year or the year before that won’t necessarily work now. And remember, Google isn’t the only search engine you need to consider. Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo, for example, are also big players in the SEO game.

Second, an audit lets you know if your content is fresh enough for search engines. SEO rewards new and fresh content. If users aren’t visiting your old content anymore, your website won’t rank as highly in search engine results. An audit helps you review all of the content you have on every page of your website. It can also see if you aren’t getting enough links from other pages, or, if you were getting links before and you aren’t receiving so many anymore.

But links are still important, right?

Additionally, you can receive more information about external links. Not every link to your website is a good link. Bad — or even toxic — links to your website aren’t doing you any good, and finding these in an audit can let you remove them. Additionally, you can find all of the links to your website, and, if necessary, clean them up, which can increase your search engine rank.

Finally, an audit gives you more information about compliance and errors on your website. Like the algorithms, search engine guidelines are also always changing. For example, Google recently updated its Webmaster Guidelines, so your website needs to be up-to-date. Additionally, errors on your website can drive traffic away — or prevent potential customers from finding your website in the first place.

If — and we think, when — you decide an SEO audit is right for your website, consider SPM Strategies for all of your SEO solutions.

We’ve worked with all kinds of SMBs to make sure they’re getting the targeted audience who will become customers to their websites. We’ll perform a complete audit on your website, and then monitor trends in the SEO world to keep your website relevant.

Contact us to see how an audit can improve your website’s traffic.